Property Management & Leasing

Once an asset has been acquired, our team works diligently to ensure a smooth transition from the current management company to our portfolio. The transition of records from one management company to another requires clarity, timeliness and mutual respect that must be executed in a small window, where any error can disrupt a transaction. LandMark has a strategic action plan, customized to each specific asset, that includes a comprehensive list of management and operational initiatives to safeguard and maintain the premium value of the occupied asset our capital partners invest in. Our team sets long-term goals and a timeline that includes deadlines for completing each task, along with utilizing a transition checklist to ensure each activity is completed according to schedule.

LandMark performs all the usual day-to-day managing agent tasks, and in addition focuses on actualizing the financial and physical goals of our capital partners.

LandMark’s property management services include the oversight of building personnel, responding to resident requests, monitoring collections and billings, preparing annual budgets, developing strategies for building improvements, coordinating property insurance as needed, managing open permits, correcting building violations, interfacing with government agencies, as well as bidding, engaging and directing third party professionals as necessary. By performing these tasks in-house, LandMark can exploit the synergies and timeliness of business functions throughout our services. Further, this allows our residents to contact one location who will then coordinate the specific service needed to fulfill the residents’ desire – improving resident satisfaction and retention rates.